THERMATEX Varioline: The elegant look of metal and wood ceilings combined with the functionality of a mineral ceiling

Outstanding modern architecture is characterised by the drive to create living and working spaces in which people feel comfortable. This requires an environment to be constructed based on aesthetic harmony and appealing design together with consideration for comfort and privacy. THERMATEX Varioline from AMF puts architectural ceiling design possibilities in a new light. Creative designers will appreciate the ability to create individual design solutions, almost free of constructional constraints.

The THERMATEX Varioline product range in metal-look achieves its surface design, not with drilled or punched perforations as is typical with metal tiles, but by printing in high contrast in black on to the white base board. This essentially maintains the performance of the mineral tile. Different perforation patterns in combination with different edge configurations allow the architect or designer scope for contemporary ceiling design in different application areas.

All the metal finishes can be found in the THERMATEX Varioline product brochure, which can be downloaded as a PDF here for free.

different pattern

If the architecture requires the warm, homely feel of a wood ceiling, but also has the highest fire protection and acoustic requirements, a THERMATEX Varioline mineral ceiling in wood-look is the right choice. The mineral ceiling tiles achieve their design with a thin, laminated fleece coating that is printed with different wood finishes. The surface design of the wood structure is realistically recreated in birch, ash or oak, amongst others and enables a very flexible range of applications.

All the wood finishes can be found in the THERMATEX Varioline product brochure, which can be downloaded as a PDF here for free.

different wood designs

In addition to the different wood finished mineral tiles available, the ceiling can also be individually customised (e.g. with company logos, corporate colours, custom images and patterns and in all 4c-colour printing colour tones). For architects and designers, this opens up new, undreamt of design possibilities and application areas

The realisation of your design wishes is simple. For individual printing, provide us with the required motif as a printable file.

For full information regarding the many design variations of THERMATEX Varioline: Request free product samples and download brochures as PDF’s here!