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The THERMATEX ceiling tiles are produced from mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch using the wet-felt process and are therefore based on natural raw materials. In addition to very good acoustic performance, the material also has excellent fire protective properties. Above all, when compared to metal or wooden ceilings, the technical performance is convincing.

THERMATEX ceiling tiles with recessed edges (VT) are hardened as standard with a special coating process and square edged tiles (SK) on request. This process increases the resistance against mechanical forces and provides a considerably finer, homogenous edge appearance. This results in an improvement to the entire ceiling appearance.

The THERMATEX Varioline wood-look ceiling tiles are additionally coated with a smooth, elegant fleece that incorporates the wood finish.
Due to their low surface weight, mineral ceilings from AMF are extremely stable and are easy and simple to handle.

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