Technical Performance

No compromise in functionality

When creating a ceiling, technical performance such as fire protection, acoustics or humidity resistance, plays an equally important role as the individual requirements for form, texture and colour. THERMATEX Varioline mineral ceiling tiles cover all the structural requirements that may arise in public buildings and offices.

In the case of structural fire protection, not only the suspended ceiling, but the entire construction is relevant for achieving a fire resistance class. AMF ceilings achieve component classifications from F30 to F120, dependent on soffit type (according to DIN 4102-2). THERMATEX Varioline mineral ceiling tiles have also been developed to fulfil essential fire protection regulations. When it comes to the life and health of people, there are no compromises.

Optimising room acoustics is one of the most important construction requirements. The THERMATEX Varioline ceiling programme combines sound attenuation and sound absorption and fulfils the different requirements for a perfect acoustic environment, dependent upon the rooms use.

Compared to metal ceilings, THERMATEX Varioline mineral ceilings from AMF offer special advantages:

  • measurably better sound attenuation as metal ceilings
  • immune to corrosion
  • no deflection of the ceiling elements due to the low surface weight
  • compatible with all popular grid systems

Sound absorption values for:

The advantages of THERMATEX Varioline mineral ceilings in wood-look compared to real wood ceilings:

  • outstanding technical fire protection performance
  • noticeably better acoustics as wood ceilings
  • quicker and simpler installation due to low surface weight
  • no additional absorbing overlays required
  • compatible with all popular grid systems

Sound absorption values for:

Individual ceiling finishes are easier to implement than you might think and offer with them the benefits of a mineral ceiling.

  • maximum design freedom: different patterns and colours possible
  • excellent technical fire protection and acoustic performance. Easy and simple design, handling and installation
  • compatible with all popular grid systems

Sound absorption values for:

For detailed information regarding the technical performance of THERMATEX Varioline: Request free product samples and download brochures as PDF’s here!